There once were two boys, neither with a family to call their own and each with special needs. “Donald,” aka Levi, has Sotos syndrome, but even greater than that need is his need for a family. No little boys should ever spend their entire childhood in an orphanage, with no hope for a future.

Seth, aka Wu Xuan, has a severe heart defect and is in urgent need of heart surgeries not available where he lives. Besides that, no little boy should face trauma and struggles associated with life-threatening illness without the stability and nurturing of a family.

These scrapbooking items are for sale to benefit the two families working to bring these two boys home.

The DeRoss family and the Claus family are both in process right now to adopt two little boys, each with special needs. A friend donated a large amount of new and attractive scrapbooking embellishments (stickers, tags, etc.) to sell to raise money to pay for adoption expenses.

Each lot of scrapbooking items will be listed as a separate post with a minimum donation amount of $10. Shipping is being covered by a separate donor. A link will be at the top of the blog with shortcuts to all the posts.

If you’d like to purchase any of the scrapbooking supplies, leave a comment on the groups of scrapbooking items you’re interested in and ALSO email me at davis.adopt@gmail.com, including your name and shipping address. At the time of sale, you can donate to either or both families to “pay” for your new scrapbook treasures.

Be a part of bringing these treasures home!

Donald for the Claus family

Donald for the Claus family
Seth for the DeRoss family Seth for the DeRoss family

Please comment that you are buying only if you are sure.

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